Media Fabrications: Vandalism Turns to Peaceful Protests..By: Ali Abdallah

Lie... Lie, People will believe you.

Based on the this Arabic proverb, the media fabrications against Syria reached unprecedented levels.

The incidents that Aleppo University witnessed in the last two days turned to a rich material to be exploited tendentious media that spread no effort to amplify and dramatize what had happened.

According to "al-Arabia" and "al-Jazeera" news channels, Syrian security forces broke into the University after the students launched a "peaceful" demonstration demanding freedom and victory for the "destroyed" cities.
"The security forces have arrested and shot hundreds of students during the incident," the two channels claimed.

A follower of the Syrian crisis is fully aware that it is not the first time that the two channels focus on Aleppo University that comprises students from neighboring provinces as Idleb, Hama and Homs.

This leads us to wonder about the reason for this focus on this university campus and to dramatize what is happening there.

In this context, the failure of attempts to drag the economic capital of Syria, Aleppo, provoked these channels to try to sneak to Aleppo through the university campus.

However, the channels' bad luck failed their plans.
What the campus witnessed is unfortunate and can't be denied especially after the University announced the suspension of classes in all its faculties in light of the current conditions.

In a statement posted on its website, the university stated that: "the Faculties of Arts and Letters will suspend their classes until the dates of exams while those of Sciences will suspend their classes until 13-5-2012."

A student was martyred in Aleppo's campus. The number contradicts with the claims of biased media outlets reporting that "dozens of students were killed in the peaceful demonstrations launched in the universities."

Another thing to remark. The peaceful demonstrations turned to be vandalistic.

The protesters burned and broke down the public utilities of the city. At this point, the security forces intervened to put an end to the riots and to restore security.

The clashes led to the martyrdom of a student and the injury of more than 15 security men.
This is what really happened in Aleppo's university.


Thursday 10-05-2012
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