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Three terrorists, Libyan, two Tunisians confess to infiltrating into Syria to carry out terrorist attacks in coordination with al-Qaeda

DAMASCUS- Three terrorists, one of them Libyan and the two others are Tunisians confessed that they infiltrated into Syria through the Turkish borders in order to carry out terrorist attacks in coordination with al-Qaeda and militias of so-called the free army.

Libyan terrorist Fahd Abdul-Kareem Saleh al-Freitis said in confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV Tuesday that he took part in the latest events in Libya, then he went to Istanbul in Turkey where he contacted with a person called Abu Ahmad, from al-Qaeda, who asked him to come to Antakya near the Syrian borders.

Al-Freitis added that he infiltrated into Syria on foot, later a car for Abu Ahmad took him to the Syrian port of Lattakia. "When we arrived in Lattakia, we stayed there for several days. Then we met Abu Ahmad who works with the free army to take us to al-Mujahedin," the Libyan terrorist said.

Tunisian terrorist Osama Mukhtar Hazli confessed that he also went to Libya to participates in the events there. "When I was staying in Libya, one of my friends called Ridaa told me that he will go to Syria.. I told him that I wish to travel with him.. Later Ridaa came along with Sami and Walid," Hazli added.

"We all went to Turkey where we phoned Abu Ahmad who pledged to guarantee our entrance to Syria.. He asked us to come to Antakya, he had relation with a person called Abu Talha who possesses a Jihadist group affiliated to al-Qaeda in Syria," the Tunisian terrorist said.

"After entering Syria, we went to Lattakia and met Abu Ahmad who would take us to Abu Talha or the free army in order to travel to Idleb," he added.

For his part, terrorist Majdi bin al-Ayashi al-Ayari, from Tunisia, confessed that he also went to Libya to take part in the fighting… later he joined a camp for al-Qaeda where he trained who to use weapons.

"Later, I went to Turkey where I contacted Abu Ahmad who told me to travel to Antalya… After arriving there, one of the persons took me by car and help me infiltrate into Syria… I went to Lattakia where a taxi for Abu Ahmad was awaiting me to get there," Al-Ayari said.

He added "when we arrived there, they took us to one of the houses where I found several persons, of Arab nationalities… Abu Ahmad welcomed us and told us that one of the smugglers will take us in the next day to join al-Mujahedin."

Wednesday 16-05-2012
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