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British people to say ‘No to Nato’

British anti-war activists are to rally outside the US embassy in London on Saturday 19 May to express their anger at the warmongering policies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

The rally is to be held one day before US President Barak Obama hosts the 25th summit of NATO in Chicago on the 20th and 21st of May.

The organizer of the protests is the anti-war campaign Stop the War Coalition. Moreover, the United National Antiwar Coalition in the US is to organize major protests in Chicago.

The two antiwar campaigns slammed NATO for its warmongering policies and hypocritical nature. They said NATO tries to present Iran as “an existential threat” for the Israeli regime and uses this pretext to popularize “tough action” against Iran. Meanwhile, NATO remains a staunch advocate of despots in the Middle East.

“NATO is masquerading as a champion of democracy, while its members back dictators in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Military intervention will inflame the fighting. Its only aim will be to increase the Western powers' grip on the region”, said the two groups in a joint statement.

“The US and the UK are the lynchpins of the NATO coalition and responsible for more wars of aggression around the world than any other power”, they added.

Chanting the slogan “No to NATO”, British and American anti-war protesters are to urge their governments to withdraw forces from Afghanistan and stop posing the threat of intervention in other countries like Syria.

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Wednesday 16-05-2012
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