Chomsky on Palestine: Hunger strikes successful protest against Israeli violations

World-renowned political dissident, linguist, author, Noam Chomsky, said that "The Palestinian detainees' hunger strikes are a protest against violations of the elementary human rights."

In an interview with Democracy Now, Chomsky said that "Among the many atrocities going on in the Occupied Territories, is administrative detention and punitive prison conditions."
"Israel" acknowledges several hundred prisoners under administrative detention. Some of them have been there for years without any charges. According to Chomsky, the hunger strikes are a protest against these violations of elementary human rights and of law.
About approximately 2,000 Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike since April 17th.
On the situation in the Gaza Strip, Chomsky said it remains a prison. "It's completely under siege.They can't export their produce. They can't have a live economy. The "Israeli" navy pretty much bars fishing. The place is - nothing can be reconstructed, because you can't bring any construction material," he elaborated.
He went on to say "The way the "Israeli" officials put it a couple years ago is pretty accurate: we don't want to kill them all, as it won't look good, but we'll keep them on a diet, so just at a survival level."

As for the situation in the West Bank, the political analyst said that the "Israeli" entity is systematically taking over whatever is of value there, noting the illegal annexation wall which has engulfed Palestine's land and water resources.
Also in the Jordan Valley, Chomsky said that Palestinians are being slowly driven out and "Israeli" settlements are being built, also hundreds of wells are being sunk.


Tuesday 15-05-2012
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