Nakba Day commemorated in occupied Palestine and neighboring countries

On Nakba Day...Palestine the Nation’s Main Cause 

Commemorations of the 64th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba Day will be held in Occupied Palestine and neighboring countries.

In Lebanon, the Committee for Supporting the Resistance in Palestine marked May 15, the 64 anniversary of Nakba, as well as the memorial of 2011 martyrs in Southern Lebanese Maroun al-Ras and occupied Syrian Golan.

According to a statement the committee released, "difficult challenges are raging in Palestine, al-Quds, and the nation."

"On this anniversary, we remember the martyrs of Palestine and the nation, who sacrificed their lives on the path of freedom, justice and liberation," the statement added.
Moreover, the committee stressed its rejection to all what contradicts with our people's right to return to their homeland, cities and villages.
"We insist on erasing all signs of the catastrophe, the Nakba, that took place in 1948," the statement mentioned, reiterating "the absolute rejection to all projects and plots of displacement and nationalization of the Palestinian refugees."

The committee also emphasized that "Palestine will remain the nation's central case.. and the aspiration of people seeking freedom and justice."
"No power, invincibility, revolution, and freedom without Palestine," the statement concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Palestinians across the occupied territories and in regional refugee camps annually mark the Nakba Day in protest against the "Israeli" occupation of their homeland on May 15, 1948.

Tuesday 15-05-2012
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