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Students repair Faculty of Information Technology Engineering hit by latest terrorist bombings

DAMASCUS- Determined to continue pursuing the path of science and education in defiance of the terrorism facing their homeland, students of the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering volunteered to participate in the repair work to fix the damages caused to the building of their Faculty by the two terrorist bombings which took place in al-Qazzaz area on May 10.

Maya Qissees , a second year student, told SANA that the students' initiative came out of their belief in their duty towards their Faculty no matter how simple their participation in the repair works could be.

She noted that she and her colleagues have circulated the work schedule on different social networking sites and that they have been divided into groups to carry out the specified tasks.

For her part, Ward Salman, a first year student, said they checked all the computers in the Faculty's departments on the day following the bombings at a time when students should be preparing for their forthcoming exams.

"Terrorism will not be a barrier on our path to continue our education and go on with our normal life," said Salman.


The students talked about their firsthand observations of the grave effects of the terrorist bombings on their Faculty which made them feel bad.

They stressed that their participation in the restoration works gives a message that terrorism will not deter them from continuing their study and practicing their daily activities as usual.

"It is our duty to rebuild what was destroyed in the Faculty, which is our second home where we spend no less than ten hours daily," said Rafi Mhana, a third year student.

"Our participation in the repair works is to give the message to the hand which caused the destruction that there are hundreds of hands working together in the reconstruction effort," said Rafi Trad, a fifth year student, adding that the terrorist acts have made the Syrian people in general and the students in particular more determined to stand shoulder to shoulder and work with one hand for the sake of "dear Syria".

Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology Engineering, Dr. Ammar Kheir Beik, said they were shocked at the extent of destruction caused in a moment to the one and a half year old building whose construction cost around SYP 1 billion.

He noted that this voluntary initiative was called for on the social networking sites by a group of students whose number has later reached 270, who are working together to remove the rubble and fix what they can to be able to continue their study without interruption.

Tuesday 15-05-2012
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