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Two officers, law-enforcement member martyred in Homs and Daraa... Two Iifiltration attempts foiled

BANYAS/IDLEB/HOMS –  A 3-flat building at Karm al-Shouk Quarter in Banyas City collapsed Tuesday when an explosive charge under preparation by terrorists inside the building exploded.

The explosion caused scores of  death or wounded as well as damage to nearby buildings.

SANA Correspondent quoted a source in Tartous Governorate as saying that the terrorists Adnan Mohamad al-Masri, Yahyia Ahmad al-Zeer, and Badrd Mohamad a-Dhayi were killed in the explosion during their preparations of the explosive charge.

Child Shihada Shaa'ban, 3 years old, died as a result of the collapse of the building, Hassan Shaa'ban, Fatima yassin and her sons Omar, Hala and Ahmad a-Dhayi suffered different wounds.

Abdullah al-Dhayi, who resides in the building's ground floor, said that a huge explosion was heard in the building at 12:30 am, then ambulances and firefighter crews came to the place, adding that his three children and his wife were hospitalized.

Two Law-enforcement Personnel Martyred

In Daraa, two law-enforcement personnel, one of them a captain, were martyred after an armed terrorist group detonated two explosives charges and opened fire from machineguns on them on Ghazar-Daraa road.

A source at the province said that Captain Hussein Dawood and policeman Hussein Balloul were martyred, adding that policemen Ahmad Mohannad al-Ahmad, Nour Eddin Darwish and Basem Naseef in addition to civilian Nizar al-Mahzam were injured in the attack.

In Homs Countryside , an armed terrorist group assassinated Brigadier General Nizar al-Hussein and his driver Raed Suleimsn near Shinshar Crossing on the Homs-Damascus highway.

Two Infiltration Attempts Foiled

Meantime, competent Authorities aborted an infiltration attempt from the Turkish territories to Syria by an armed terrorist group at al-Duria post in Darkoush village of Idleb Countryside.

Borders Guards clashed with the terrorist group and killed or wounded scores of the terrorists; other terrorists were able to escape to the Turkish side, where cars were in waiting for them.

Last night, the competent Authorities were able to foil another infiltration bid from Lebanon to Syria by an armed terrorist group at al-Mishirfa post of Talkalkh region in Homs Countryside.

SANA Correspondent quoted a source in the governorate as saying that the members of the terrorist group ran away during the clashes without  confirming the number of the dead or wounded terrorists because the clashes took place during the night.

Meantime, General Robert Mood, Chairman of the UN Observers Mission to Syria, declared that the number of the Observers reached to more than 200 and a post for the Observers was established in Deir Azzour Governorate, asserting continued work of the  Observers in Syria in a good way, voicing thanks to the way of receiving the Observers and trust in opening dialogue.

The Syrian Cabinet held a meeting earlier today on ways and means of providing assistance and help to the citizens who were compelled to evacuate their houses in some regions and governorates under threats of the armed terrorist groups, as well as on appropriate mechanisms to rehabilitate and reconstruct the infrastructure and buildings damaged by the terrorist groups' attacks.

Tuesday 15-05-2012
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