Russia, China vehemently condemn al-Treimseh massacre against civilians in Hama countryside

MOSCOW/BEIJING_ Russia on Friday vehemently condemned the bloody crime committed against civilians in al-Treimseh town in Hama countryside, stressing that this crime serves the forces that don't seek peace.

“Without anticipating the results of the investigation of the crime, on which we insist, we would like to stress that we have no doubt that this atrocity benefits the forces that do not seek peace but obstinately keep trying to sow the seeds of sectarian strife and civil conflict in Syria, and those for whom the grief and suffering of the Syrian people mean nothing, " Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said.

He added that Moscow, with great pain, had received the news of this new massacre against the Syrian citizens who were shot point blank by unidentified monsters.

The Russian official noted the fact that al-Treimseh massacre had occurred during a serious discussion in the UN Security Council on the draft resolution, submitted by Russia and Western countries, which extends the task of the U.N. Supervision Mission in Syria that expires on July 21.

He renewed his country's call to immediately stop the bloodshed and the armed violence against civilians.

"In order to put an end to such tragic incidents, it is necessary to fulfill obligations that require all parties, including external players, to contribute to the peaceful solution in Syria on the basis of the plan of the UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan," Lukashevich said.

China Condemns al-Treimseh Massacre in Hama Countryside

China on Friday strongly condemned the massacre in al-Treimseh which caused the deaths of civilians.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Weimin made the remarks at a regular press briefing.

"China has always strongly denounced actions that harm innocent civilians," said Liu, calling on concerned Syrian parties to take concrete measures and fulfill their commitment to cease violence as soon as possible.

Liu hailed the positive progress made in seeking political resolutions to the crisis in Syria, adding that China appreciates the UN envoy Kofi Annan's mediating efforts.

He urged concerned parties to continue supporting Annan's efforts and seriously implementing Annan's six-point peace plan and the Security Council's relevant resolutions as well as the communique of the action group meeting, so as to ease the tension in Syria as early as possible.

On the draft resolution circulated at the Security Council by western members along with the United States, Liu said "China is seriously studying the draft resolution," calling on all parties concerned to seek common ground through patient consultations, in order to maintain solidarity in the Council and advance the political settlement of the issue.

On the extension of the task of the UN observer mission in Syria, Liu said that China supports the extension, stressing the necessity for the Observer Mission to support Annan's peace plan and the political settlement of the crisis in Syria.

He also suggested that the Security Council should hear the opinions of the concerned parties in Syria on the extension of the mission.

Earlier on Tuesday, an armed terrorist group perpetrated a horrendous massacre against the people of al-Treimseh in Hama countryside. This occurred while the Security Council was holding discussions on Syria, clearly showing that the massacre aimed at turning public opinion against Syria and its people.

Friday 13-07-2012
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