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Israeli occupation authorities replace Syrian curricula with Hebrew, expel teachers in an attempt to obliterate Arab identity and culture of Golan people

QUNEITRA– The Israeli occupation authorities continued its arbitrary practices in the occupied Syrian Golan as they replaced the Syrian curricula taught in Golan schools before 1967 with Israeli ones despite the refusal of the Golan people.

Moreover, the occupation authorities arrested hundreds of teachers and locals who staged sit-ins and demonstrations and even clashed with the occupation soldiers in rejection these procedures.

The danger of the new Israeli curricula arises from its ignorance of the Arab identity, culture and history in an attempt to separate the Syrian Arabs from their roots and treating Golan as an inseparable part of the Zionist entity, in addition to the fact that they breach the international standards of human rights as they violate the cultural rights of the Syrian people.

A number of demobilized teachers told SANA reporter in Quneitra that their demobilization was arbitrary in violation of international conventions as the occupation authorities expelled directors of schools in Golan villages in 1968 and rejected the families of students' request to monitor the performance of the educational cadres or methods used in teaching.

The teachers who were dismissed raised their case to the occupation courts which declared the dismissing decision as legitimate and deprived them of their right to get their compensations.

Research and studies conducted by national institutions and figures in the occupied Golan showed that the Israeli policy has never changed since 1967 with the aim of obliterating the national identity through imposing Israeli curricula and Hebrew by force.

A number of the Golan students who studied in the Syrian universities revealed the practices of the Israeli occupation authorities against people of Golan such as to end the contracts with teachers who tried to strengthen the national Arab sense.

They indicated to procedures taken by the Syrian leadership as giving salaries to the teachers who were demobilized and opening universities and institutes for Golan students who want to complete their studies for free.

Saturday 30-06-2012
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