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Madonna’s Istanbul nip slip latest online craze

The Queen of Pop is in the headlines again after flashing at 55,000 fans on her MDNA tour in Turkey. And while some internet users are calling her a complete tit, the video has scooped dozens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Madonna let a cheeky nipple peak out during her gig in Istanbul on Thursday. The audience seemed to appreciate the exposure – but now the internet is buzzing with indignation as well as approval, with many users slating the aging singer.

"Oh do give it a rest Madonna – at 53 all you're exposing is your desperation," Liz Jones says on Twitter.

“Madonna should be more dignified, she has nothing to prove. It's The Gaga's time now,” user Christopher Brown writes.

“Actually can't believe Madonna got her nipple out, old dog! No one wants to see that,” user Johnny Gasson believes.

“Madonna still has it and her body with 5% body fat is hotter and fitter than a lot of the pretenders these days, so why not show it off… Go Madonna!” YouTube user dwn1lal3 defends the singer.

Hollywood actress Christina Applegate was kinder to the Queen of Pop too, saying she couldn’t understand why people were shocked. “What I'm saying is, it’s not like Sarah Palin had a nip slip, its Madonna!”

Madonna started getting Into the Groove and removing her clothes while performing her 1995 hit Human Nature. Shedding her shirt, she then deliberately slipped down her bra to expose a naughty nipple


Tuesday 12-06-2012
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